“The Madness” Album Reviews



Loudwire’s Best Rock Albums of 2017 (So Far)

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“Talk about a perfect fit! [Stapp’s] voice is as powerful as ever… Art of Anarchy have one solid album on their hands.”

http://loudwire.com/art-of- anarchy-the- madness-album- review/

“…they’ve definitely hit on something solid with this pairing of musicians. The musicianship is strong, the writing connects and they have a disc that could go deep in terms of radio singles.”


Outburn Magazine #88, April-May 2017

“The Madness is crushing arena rock… pure fun facilitated by amazing talent. The entire record is unbridled electricity…”


http://www.1340mag.com/reviews/420-art- of-anarchy- the-madness

“Stapp helps these songs rise up into anthems… an easy contender for Album of the Year… If you love anthems then this is an album you do NOT want to miss.”



http://backstageaxxess.com/2017/03/art-of- anarchy-the- madness/

“10 tracks of pure, arena hard rock with a nice melodic edge… a brilliant new chapter in the story of Art of Anarchy and a must listen for hard rock fans everywhere.”



https://metalwani.com/2017/02/review-art- of-anarchy- the-madness.html

“This album is one of the most refreshing and dignified hard rock records in some time and deserves to be listened to as such. More than just a super-group, Art of Anarchy have given the best of themselves over to fans in the form of ‘The Madness’.”



http://ampsandgreenscreens.com/2017/03/23/art-anarchy- madness/

“This truly sounds like it was meant to be; that these men were destined to end up here, playing together, making music that is quite frankly outstanding. Scott Stapp sings with a conviction I’ve not heard from him in years. It’s almost like this album was his calling, his mission… ART OF ANARCHYknocked it out of the park with this album. The Madness is an amazing record from start to finish… RATING: 10/10”



http://www.grande-rock.com/reviews/art- of-anarchy- the-madness

“…one of the most captivating hard rock albums for 2017”



https://koreaguitar1.wordpress.com/2017/04/10/album-review- art-of- anarchy-the- madness/

“The songwriting and musical craftsmanship of the songs is something that I admire and really enjoyed about this band. It’s as if you can feel the chemistry of the guys in the recordings…”




“Mega-Super Group, Art Of Anarchy Reinvent Themselves With New Masterpiece ‘The Madness’ RATING: 9.8/10”



http://xsrock.com/art-of- anarchy-the- madness/

“…once you hear their new album The Madness, you will realize what a perfect fit Scott Stapp is for Art Of Anarchy…  this band is creating its own unique sound…  this album has a really fresh sound… these are some of the most interesting and creative songs (that are still radio friendly) that I’ve heard from this genre in a long time…  one of the best hard rock albums of the year.”



http://shockwavemagazine.com/art-of- anarchy-the- madness/

“…a supergroup that’s done a super job of bringing their collective strengths to the table to produce a cohesive sound”



http://www.ghostcultmag.com/album-review- art-of- anarchy-the- madness-another- century/

“The Madness is a really good rock record…   immaculately produced…  these are STADIUM ROCK SONGS performed by top-tier talents.”



http://therustbeltchronicles.com/big-ls- cd-review- art-anarchys- madness/

“…a must have in your CD collection.  Thal and Jon Votta’s dueling role of guitar solos are what allrock albums should be made of.”